"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm falling in love with Nordic walking.... Great training session for #endure24"

— Kim

"I can highly recommend Janine as a coach for anyone considering learning to Nordic Walk. Yes Nordic Walking does involve learning a lot of new techniques but Janine understands that people learn these techniques at different rates and in different ways. She gets to know her clients and uses her wide range of coaching skills to accommodate these differences. Janine has a very positive, encouraging and inclusive approach to people of all abilities. This is a rare quality in fitness coaches!" - Catherine, July 2016

— Catherine

”Really enjoyed it" “Very enjoyable experience”. “Great day on Sunday really enjoyed Nordic Walking. Learnt a lot from Janine and nice to meet some of our fellow killi team. Would love to do it again”. “Nordic walk was good exercise and different to what I'm used to,  good for my upper body  and I did feel the little pain on my front legs. It was good work out and enjoyed the team building discipline and hopefully I will use my poles properly. Instructions were very clearly given and demonstrated it was very well organised with the other helpful assistants ,overall I was impressed and I will definitely recommend Janine and her team.” “I enjoyed the session and the instruction.” Comments made after a very successful bespoke training package to help with the training incorporating hills, drills and technique to help the team climb Kilimanjaro in 2017.

— Thames Valley Air Ambulance Kilimanjaro training day, December 2016

Paul wrote; "Did the four week ‘Learn To Nordic Walk’ course with Janine. Her patience and low pressure tuition techniques made all the difference and I’d highly recommend anyone to use her services – she helps add a real sense of fun to Nordic Walking." Vikta wrote; "Just completed the beginners course. Janine made it great fun while teaching us the basics of the technique in a supportive and informative way. Highly recommended."

— Paul and Vikta, October 2016

Penny said in November 2018, "An excuse to get out into the great outdoors without having to plan the route because 3J has it all planned out and have pre-walked it for H&S. Why does that matter? I'm a bit slow with map reading and I hate to ruin a good walk by stopping every 10 minutes to check whether I'm lost yet! I joined on a cold and wet day in Jan 2017 and still look forward to my walks where we always have a good chat and a giggle. Yes the walks have built up my fitness but I hadn't counted on them being so enjoyable and sociable. Thanks Janine, leaders and walkers who keep me coming back."

— Penny (Nov 2017)

In November 2017 Tina posted her comment on Facebook, "Gosh. How to count up the ways joining up in August has changed my life. My weight has dropped a stone, my joints hurt less, my muscles ache less...Ive aged younger! A nicer group of ladies to walk (exercise) with I couldnt hope to find. The friendship, support and encouragement is second to none and here I am on a bright cold and frosty morning preparing to go out and do it where the old me would have been snuggled up under the duvet! And yes, a giggle powered walk a week soon turned to 2 and then to 3 and then some back to backs....."

— Tina (Nov 2017)

Melanie made this comment in November 2017, "I've been casually searching for a walking group for a couple of years. Found one, joined, never went. Road walking is just not my thing. I crave being in the woods, along tow paths & fields & this is exactly where Janine takes us. No deep thinking involved, just pure re-charge time in the countryside with down-to-Earth people of all shapes & sizes. This is the best thing I've found in years & I'm not giving up now. Thanks 3jfittness."

— Melanie (Nov 2017)