A quick guide to the speed and ability descriptions for our WALX

As WALX 3JFitness grows it is important we respect a few codes of conduct and community spirit. We want everyone to enjoy all WALX together.

So that you can choose the right WALX for your ability we thought this useful guide would help and avoid any confusion.

At all times, we ask that you keep the WALX 3JFitness community spirit. For those wishing to stride out on a Nordic walk that may not challenge them enough we operate the “the whistle and loop back” fun strategy. It helps maintain our sense of community but addresses the different needs.

  • Please do not book on to the session if you are not able to maintain the pace or speak to Janine for guidance. this
  • It is advisable to wear a bum bag with a water bottle or hydration pack. Do bring a high energy snack to have on the hoof or as soon as we finish.
  • Whilst it is lovely to record the moment and stop to take a snapshot, this is preferable on the Gentle or Easy Walks. The Moderate walks are timed and we will accommodate if we are at the relevant pace.
  • We respect people’s busy agendas and do like to start promptly. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your class and be ready to start on time. Please do not be offended if we do not wait whilst you get yourself sorted. We do a warm up close by so please do catch up.
  • We use our Nordic WALX gear system to explain the exertion of effort of each walk.

Each session is aimed at a specific gear and walk speed/pace:

Gentle stroll – Gear 1 – Nice pace that you can do for extended periods. 2-2.5mph (these generally are our Well Being walks)

Easy walk -Gear 2 – Faster pace gained through technique. Expect Gear 2 at times throughout the walk with occasional photo stops. 2.5mph (Most of our 1 hour adventure walks)

Moderate walk – Gear 2/3 – Faster again using technique and with less recovery. Very little stopping. 2.5mph-3mph+ (these are generally our Step up and Stride out Workout walks and longer Adventure walks)

Strenuous walk – gear 3/4 and Power Stride workout walks and Challenge training.

Any – we operate the community spirit looping system and cater for mixed abilities.

This guide has been added to the walks where possible as a reminder. If you have any questions please do speak to Janine.

We love your feed back and this guide has been written to accommodate the recent comments.

Thank you for help to keep your WALX miles move with smiles!

Updated: September 26, 2019 — 4:54 pm